Panic over – I have Tweeted

Blimey! First the new website, and now – just a short seventeen months after I signed up to Twitter – I’ve finally Tweeted.

I understand that many find Twitter irritating. People communicating with one another, and enjoying themselves – it can be annoying. I get that. I’m with you. I feel your pain.

I’d like to claim my failure to Tweet occupied some moral highground, but I can’t. If I’m being honest, my worry was that I’d Tweet, and that no one would notice. And who wants to Tweet in the dark?

But that’s all changed. I’m past that now. Oh, yes – for I have Tweeted. And you know what? It wasn’t bad. I might try it again, after I’ve had a bit of a lie-down. And, so far as I’m concerned, if my Tweets manage to save just a handful of innocent lives, then it will all have been worth it…