Nick Griffin

I really didn’t want a picture of Nick Griffin on my blog. So here’s a pygmy marmoset, or ‘dwarf monkey’. I love them.

I actually thought we’d heard the last of Nick Griffin – but no, he’s been there the whole time, doing what he does best – trying to stir up hatred of others, but only succeeding in generating pity and contempt for himself. But still he goes on.

It’s odd that people who consider themselves to be a member of a superior race are always such incredibly shit examples of that race.

Just look at Nick Griffin’s face. Exactly. Or take Hitler, who following a WWI groin injury not only had, as the song said, one ball (seven distinct links, research fans), but was more importantly rumoured to be both impotent and incontinent. So the man who not only believed in a master race, but also that he was the best person to lead it, had a permanently limp cock and wore a nappy.

It does help to explain why he was so tense.

And now we’ve got Nick Griffin, whose eyes don’t look in the same direction – they point every which way. People say Nick Griffin looks down his nose at black people – what they don’t mention is, while he’s doing that, he can also watch the telly.*

Now, I’m not the only person who’s pointed out that Nick Griffin’s face is almost as ugly as his opinions. And whenever he gets insulted like that, people from the BNP complain. They say – “these people are scumbags. They don’t judge a man on who he is, what he says, or what he does – they judge him on superficial stuff like what he looks like.”

Which is pretty much exactly what we’ve been saying to them for the last 25 years.

*I know, I know. I’m a bad person. I have no excuse.

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