Hacked off

I have been hacked. People – let’s call them what they are, c***s – snuck into my website in the dead of night – my very own beloved site – and left sneaky malware, scripts and viruses all over the place.

To make things worse, I wasn’t the one who spotted this. Oh, no, it was Google. Big bad Google. Who immediately blocked from the world’s web browsers.

How did this happen? Well, it’s time for a confession. It was simple neglect. I left my website, alone and forgotten, to fend for itself. Who knows – perhaps it was just lonely. Perhaps it let those hacker ballbags in because it needed the attention, and wasn’t too fussy about where it came from. I am ashamed of myself for allowing that to happen.

So now the site is back. It’s fixed. But it’s going to be a while before I can find the time to make it all shiny again, just like it used to be. In particular, I’m not having an easy time finding fresh copies of the original images – all I’ve got so far is an old version of the banner that sits at the top of the page. And I do mean old. I haven’t looked like that in years. I’ll be honest, I have never looked like that. Photoshop saves lives.

Katy Perry also likes Photoshop

Point is,, I’m very, very sorry. I’ll try to take better care of you in future…

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